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Earn Commissions on Sales
of TOEFL Practice Tests

What is the ScoreNexus Affiliate Program?

 Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on sales of our TOEFL practice tests.

 You earn 20% on sales that result from people clicking on your affiliate link.

How is the Affiliate different from the Educator Plans?
Affiliate Program: For content creators whose audience has a TOEFL or English-learning focus
  • These people are bloggers, YouTubers, posters on social media or website owners.
  • The Affiliate Program allows them to earn a commission if their audience click links leading to sales.
Educator Plans: For educators teaching TOEFL skills to their students
  • These tutors, teachers and schools need to purchase TOEFL practice tests.
  • The Educator Plans provides discounted pricing, among other benefits.

Basic Terms and Conditions

Free to sign up:
Commission percentage: 20% on net sales
Commissions earned on repeat sales?
Real-time tracking and notifications:
Sub-affiliates allowed?
Payment timing: Commissions paid 1 month after each sale
(to allow time for returns/charge backs)
More information: Full terms and conditions can be found here.
ScoreNexus content support for Affiliates When you log in to our Affiliate site, you will see the following materials to help you provide TOEFL-related content to your audience:

 Social media sharing links
 TOEFL articles (from our Help Articles and forum)
 Articles about teaching the TOEFL (from our Blog and forum)
Best type of content for Affiliate's website, social media group, etc. To be a good match with our Affiliate program, your audience could be in one of the following areas:

 TOEFL/English assessment tests
 English language learning
 International students study programs
 Recruitment/certification for international healthcare providers

Frequently Asked Questions

About ScoreNexus
What is ScoreNexus TOEFL?

 ScoreNexus TOEFL was founded in 2009 by Ed Sato, who was a "TOEFL Master Trainer" for The Princeton Review, a major U.S. company specializing in test preparation.

 As a TOEFL Master Trainer, Ed Sato designed and wrote from scratch all the TOEFL course material and also certified and trained TOEFL teachers.

 He founded ScoreNexus TOEFL because he could not find high quality TOEFL practice tests to use—and taking realistic practice tests is essential to test preparation.

ScoreNexus was built for Educators

 Since the beginning, ScoreNexus TOEFL was designed to be a tool for educators. ScoreNexus is a B2B product, focused on helping tutors, teachers and schools.

 Whether you are an independent tutor, or a large school with hundreds of students, we have a plan for you. ScoreNexus has multiple types of dashboards to fit every situation.

 Every educator account has free access to the ScoreNexus Grade Helper. This is a step-by-step system to take the guesswork out of TOEFL grading.

What makes ScoreNexus practice tests the best?

Practice tests are a foundation of efficient test preparation (the Test-Teach-Test method). To be effective, the practice test system must:

 be able to deliver a realistic experience (with content and the test-taker interface),

 be able to able analyze student weaknesses,

 be able to inform the educator of how to correct student mistakes.

ScoreNexus TOEFL practice tests were built to be the best in these areas.

How does ScoreNexus try to help educators?

First, we try to provide a fantastic teaching tool at a reasonable price.

However, we also try to help educators in a number of other ways:

 Marketing: Providing Free Sample Zip Tests and marketing content;

 Sharing Knowledge: Freely-shared TOEFL information, conducting local TOEFL educator events, and answering TOEFL-teaching questions on a popular discussion site;

 Mini-Scholarships: If an educator seeks to help disadvantaged students with their TOEFL studies, we will do our best to help that educator. Contact us and we will give access to our product at a discount or even free.

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About Signing Up
What are the requirements to sign up?

To sign up as our Affiliate, it is best that you have a blog, a website or social media audience regarding:

 TOEFL or English standardized tests,

 English language learning,

 College admissions, or

 a specialized field that often involves the TOEFL (for example, international recruitment in the pharmacy or nursing fields)

What is the process to sign up as an Affiliate?

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Your audience should be in the area of TOEFL/English standardized tests, English language learning, college admissions, or a specialized field that often involves the TOEFL.

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