About ScoreNexus

ScoreNexus is a TOEFL practice test system built from the ground up. Development started in 2006, shortly after the launch of the TOEFL iBT, by TOEFL teachers who needed a high-quality online teaching tool. It first launched in 2008.
There are three factors that separate ScoreNexus from other simulated TOEFL tests:
ScoreNexus TOEFL practice tests look and feel just like the real TOEFL. More importantly, all the content, questions and answers are extremely accurate.
Almost all other practice tests, even those from famous publishers, get this wrong.
Built for schools and teachers.
ScoreNexus TOEFL is not just a stand-alone product. From the beginning it was built as an entire teaching tool platform for TOEFL educators.
Whether you are a tutor with only one student or a large institution with hundreds of students, we can help!
Professional grading.
ScoreNexus TOEFL is the only practice test system that offers fast and accurate grading for all four TOEFL sections.
 Reading and Listening sections are automatically graded, instantly.
 Speaking and Writing sections are graded by our experts, usually within 36 to 48 hours (not including Sundays and major U.S. holidays).
 Every finished test is provided a detailed Score Report.